Sleepaway Brew Co. | Est. 2016
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 Hey bros!


We’re Sleepaway Brew Co., and we’re stoked to announce the chillest microbrewery in all of San Diego! Founded in 2016 by Tommy K and Aaron Scott, we specialize in chill brews that reflect our SoCal lifestyle.
  A bit about our origins: We’ve always been all about surfing, blazing, and drinking brews. So when Tommy’s dad sold his summer camp and gave Tommy a fat inhertance, we were all like: How hard can it be to open a brewery? Pretty chill, right? So now we’re all about surfing, blazing, and making brews!
  In 2015, the Great American Beer Festival called us “attendees”. We strive to provide a natural brew for our chill-ass customers, so we don’t use any of those harsh chemicals to do CIP on our brewdeck. You can really taste the beerstone. Stay chill bros, and drink local!
– T & A