Sleepaway Brew Co. | Our Team
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Tommy K 


Tommy K discovered his love for craft beer when his dad said he had to get a job or he’d get kicked out of the house. The only place that would hire him is the now defunct “Suds & Buds Beerworks” in Vista, where he worked as a keg washer / junior cellarman for 5 months before getting fired for blazing and ditching work to catch waves. We’re also legally obligated to tell you that he’s a registered sex offender. Drink local!

Aaron Scott

Head Brewer

A functioning alcoholic since freshman year of college, Aaron majored in Brewing & Viticulture at the South Harmon Institute of Technology. He was totally stoked to lend his expertise to Sleepaway’s state-of-the-art brewing system when he found out about it, because we’re so chill. He eats California burritos every day, and his favorite beer is bourbon. 



Long tortured by the tragic death of his twin brother Addison, Raddison earned his first million before the age of 21 with his multiple startup companies. Bored with the corporate life, he donated all of his assets to charity in order to save hungry children. After winning over a dozen gold medals at multiple different breweries, Raddison decided to retire. He currently enjoys brewing pro-bono here at Sleepaway Brew Co.


Tasting Room Manager

Born Elizabeth Walsh, “Kylie” has been on the run from federal police for 3 years. She enjoys bartending because of the cash tips. We’re not exactly sure what she’s in trouble with the cops for, but it’s probably murder.


Accountant/Business Major/Nerd

At Sleepaway Brew Co, we like things to be chill. But someone has to figure out all the paperwork and numbers and stuff. That’s where this guy comes in! Alexander graduated summa cum laude with an MBA from some expensive college. He takes care of all the boring stuff, like “liquor licenses”. But he doesn’t even drink, what a nerd!

David Ray


Since our brewery is located so close to many halfway houses and the county jail, we get a lot of undesirables in our tasting room. That’s where David comes in! Dishonorably discharged from the USMC for mental health reasons, David owns at least 5 unregistered guns.