Sleepaway Brew Co. | The Chillest Microbrewery in San Diego!!!
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The Chillest Microbrewery in San Diego!!!

09 Feb The Chillest Microbrewery in San Diego!!!


Hey bros, we’re proud to finally announce Sleepaway Brew Co. is open for business! It’s been a long road, but we made it. Apparently there’s a lot of paperwork involved with opening up a brewery? Whatever, that’s what Alex is for! (Paperwork is not chill at all, so we hired him┬áto do it for us.) Anyway, a little bit about us: we love to surf, we love to blaze, and we love to brew. Also, our brewery is definitely haunted. We’ll have more videos and announcements soon, but for now you can watch this video that shows how haunted our brewery is. Stay chill, bros!


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